Aluminium Roller Shutter

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77mm Aluminium Roller Shutter

The AL77 'Quiet Achiever' is ideal for domestic doors and school shutters. It features unique 'silenced slats' that quietens the slat 'rattle' associated with normal door operation.

The doors are made from corrosion resistant aluminium providing better quality, less maintenance and greater longevity.
They are available in plain, perforated or slotted with polycarbonate refills.

Maximum opening width 5.7m, height 3.5m. Other heights
available by application.

Tubular brake motor 300 nm, 240 volt, 4.2 amps, 8 rpm and 50 Hz

Key switch deadman up / down controller or remote control.

The drum is manufactured using 127 mm ID x 2.0 mm steel tubing

Extruded aluminium interlocking slat.
Slat size 77 mm x 1.2 mm single layer.
Material weight 520 grams per metre.
6.8 kilograms per metre squared.
Curtain has rubber blade insert for quiet and smooth operation.
Slotting nominally 41 mm x 500 mm to requirements or curtain can be perforated.

Extruded aluminium 80 mm x 34 mm x 2 mm wall thickness with 5mm felt inserts both sides.

Extruded Aluminium box section 77 mm high x 17 mm width and rubber weather strip inserts.

AL45 Roller Shutter

45mm Aluminium Roller Shutter

The AL45 Roller Shutters are ideal for both external and internal installations in most building projects, including counter tops, trucks, over windows, display cabinets, warehouses, factories, recreation and sporting centres, mining and heavy industry workshop facilities.

The maximum size is 3m high x 3m wide. The Roller Shutters can be installed with removable mullions for larger opening widths.

Anodized aluminum extruded hollow section profile (.394kg per metre) with a face depth of 45mm which displays the same visual look on both sides.
Nylon clips are fitted to every second slat to prevent lateral movement and provide smooth operation. Optional bottom rail locking via mortice key lock centrally mount into slat, not available on motorised doors.
Finishings available in most powder coat colors

Anodized aluminum channel section profile 70mm wide(1.423kg per metre) with hollow back section 22mm in depth designed to withstand force from intrusions and high wind loadings.
Hollow back allow for concealed fixings.
Nylofelt fitted to both internal faces of guides for quiet and smooth operation.

60mm aluminum octagonal axle suits compact spring assembles and internal tube motor drive systems. Motorised doors can be powered DC or AC 240v and operated by wired key switch or wireless remote.

Covers and protects door bundle and working from external and internal surroundings. Aluminum die cast side plates locating to top of guide ends and anchoring motor or spring mounts. Box and cover sizing will vary depending on door height. Finishings available in most powder coat colours.

Natural anodized or full range of powder coat colours.


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