105 Steel Roller Shutter

request-a-quoteBHP Galvabond G2 Z275 steel in 1.2mm, 1.0mm, 0.8mm gauge slats.
Roller Shutters are a proven versatile style of door, ideal for cyclonic areas. They are available with smooth manual or power operation in either galvanised or the full colour range of 2 powder coated finishes. They can be sized to suit openings up to a large 130m .

Roller shutters are ideal for both external and internal installations in most building projects including warehouses, factories, shopping centres, recreation and sporting centres, mining and heavy industry workshop facilities.

The curtain is manufactured from interlocking, roll-formed, steel slats. The ends of each alternate slat are fitted with hardened nylon or cast iron end clips, designed to stop lateral movement and provide smooth, quiet operation. Curtain as standard is windlocked every second slat.

The bottom rail of the shutter is extruded aluminium section. A weather seal is fitted as standard to minimise the entry of dust or dirt (over 7500mm 65 x 65 x 5 angle used on Roller Shutters)

Standard locking is provided via:

  1. Standard - A mild steel clasp, designed to secure the hand operated chain, and welded to the guide channel.
  2. Optional - Two (2) shoot bolts, designed to accept padlocks, mounted at each end of the bottom rail.
  3. If motorised, no locking recommended

The guides are manufactured using a heavy section, roll formed channel.


The drum is manufactured from mild steel tube. The drum houses bearings counter balancing helical torsion springs, capable of producing sufficient torque to ensure ease of operation of the curtain from any position.


Fabricated from mild steel plate, the mounting brackets are manufactured to suit door size and width.
Both the drum and mounting brackets are prime coated with one coat of zinc chromate.


Galvabond Steel or Powdercoated with a full range of colours.

0.8mm, 1.0mm, or 1.2mm


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